Electrifying your green space

Finally, commercial electric mowers
that change the game!

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<b>Watch</b> this video! Watch this video!

Clean and silent power

We belive in silent and zero-emission grass cutting. Raymo brings us closer to sustainable landscaping.

Environment protection
Environment protection

Fully electric with zero emissions


Radio controlled and stable on slopes


Powerful and nearly zero cost operation

Robet Greenwood, <span>customer</span>
Robet Greenwood, customer
Absolutely amazing. Raymo does a fantastic job and the operation costs are next to nothing!

We belive in "electrifying"

At RAYMO we have decided to create a commercial grade mower - radio controlled, fully electric, modular, safe, agile, efficient, silent, clean and inexpensive to operate.

We believe in silent and zero-emission grasscutting - no matter if it is a home owner, local contractor or municipality doing the work. It is possible to mow quietly and without unnecessary air pollution. The planet and the people deserve it. Find out more about us
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