Our mission: zero emissions


At RAYMO we believe in electric, silent, zero-emission and sustainable grass-cutting that encourages biodiversity and leaves the minimum possible carbon footprint. Our key goals are safety at work, maximum power efficiency, elimination of noise, vibrations and air pollution while delivring exceptional mowing results and performace.  

Decades of experience

Decades of experience in the mowing equipment business enabled us to create a commercial grade machine that corresponds with our beliefs – a modular, fully electric or plug-in hybrid, radio-controlled mower that is safe, agile, efficient, silent, clean and very cost efficient to run.

Not just a conventional mower

RAYMO is not just a conventional mower / ZTR with a re-worked electric drive. It is a whole new concept mower that takes maximum advantage of the benefits of a fully electric system.

Solution to many problems

RAYMO addresses the most significant issues the landscaping industry faces these days - noise, emissions, operator safety, vibration, slope maintenance and operating / maintenance cost.

Environmental protection

For us, environmental protection, safety and operation costs always come first. We are committed to innovation, customer service and sustainability.

Try RAYMO for yourself. It is an electrifying experience.

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