Different, Better, Electrifying


RAYMO was built in a way that maximizes the advantages that the electric drive can offer. Here are just some of the features that contribute to RAYMO’s extraordinary performance.

1. Powerswap

Would you benefit from a purely electric drive on some occasions and from engine drive on others? No problem at all. The POWERSWAP system enables you to change between fully electric and plug-in hybrid drive back and forth within a minute. You can also easily change multiple fully electric cartridges and get all the operating time you need!




<b>Watch</b> this video! Watch this video!

2. 4WD ZTR

Four-wheel drive combined with zero-turn steering and extremely low centre of gravity allow RAYMO to operate even on very steep slopes without a risk of tipping over. The climbing ability can be further enhanced by the installation of optional AT tyres. Zero turn mower comfort, productivity and manoeuvrability in flat areas and all-wheel-drive traction on banks and in undulating terrain are the reasons you will fall in love with RAYMO. 

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3. Exchangeable mower decks

Get the mower deck that is the best fit for your job. Change it for another one whenever needed. RAYMO can be equipped with various cutting decks for different applications – turf mowing, general grass cutting, rough area vegetation management, ecological sickle mower reaping of wildflower meadows, rear discharge, mulching…. you name it.

Different customers, different applications, different needs.



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4. Super low height

Difficulty mowing under solar panels, benches, trampolines, trees or other low clearance obstacles? Not for RAYMO with its super-low height (20in / 51cm). It is a perfect tool for landscaping and gardening or vegetation control in various energy parks, especially under PV panels.

<b>Watch</b> this video! Watch this video!

5. RAYLINK telemetry system

RAYMO is now connected. The RAYLINK system mounted on the TORPEDO carriers provides telemetry and system status information to a cloud space, where it can be accessed by customers as well as service centres. Customers can benefit from a fleet managemen system and  acquire detailed work logs and system status data such as Live GNSS position + past operation logs, current machine configuration (connected power cartridges, mower decks), serial numbers, SW versions, operating hours, system modes and battery information (state of charge, state of health, cycle count…). This can be converted into job reports. The RAYLINK interface can be accessed over a computer or a mobile device.

6. Remote control

Distant machine control brings a large number of advantages – low machine weight, operator safety, zero vibration, reduced noise and dust exposure, better environment control. RC operation is a perfect match for a great electric mower as it allows you to reduce the overall weight (no operator, no seat, no ROPS) and significantly extend the usable battery time.

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