Exchangeable power cartridges

Would you benefit from a purely electric drive on some occasions and from engine drive on others? No problem at all. The POWERSWAP system enables you to change between fully electric and plug-in hybrid drive back and forth within a minute. How does POWERSWAP work? Raymo machines are equipped with a compartment that holds a power cartridge. This cartridge can either contain a battery pack for a fully electric operation or a plug-in hybrid set that allows you to choose between electric or engine power. This way you can for example mow in a purely electric mode in the early morning hours without excessive noise and start your engine later in the day finish off the work when noise regulations no longer apply. And that is not all. You can have back up cartridges ready (hybrid or electric - whatever suits your needs) and quickly change them during the day. It only takes a minute. This way you can get all the operating time you need. All battery packs were designed by RAYMO and hold high quality automotive grade cells. Extra warranty is provided for the batteries.


Electric or hybrid? Why not both?!

<b>See how</b> it works! See how it works!

Fully Electric

A fully electric POWERSWAP cartridge allows for a purely electric operation and no maintenance beside charging. The powerpacks are fitted with automotive grade cells that ensure long and reliable battery life. Detailed battery information can be accessed through an integrated full colour display. Fast charging option is also available.

The power cartridge is removable and exchangeable allowing you to work with another battery while you are charging. Enjoy hours and hours of clean and silent work. The fully electric and plug-in hybrid cartridge are interchangeable.

Plug-in Hybrid

The plug-in hybrid cartridge consists of and internal combustion engine, electric generator and an electric powerpack. This combination gives you the maximum possible flexibility as you can choose between a fully electric or hybrid operation. Automotive grade battery cells and commercial Briggs & Stratton engine ensure robustness and reliability. The generator power output is automatically regulated based on the system needs and system conditions. The powerpack is removable as well as the whole power cartridge. The fully electric and plug-in hybrid cartridge are interchangeable.

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