Main tractor / Tool Carrier

The RAYMO TORPEDO platform is extremely low in height allowing you to access low clearance areas and has an outstanding climbing ability on steep slopes and in undulating terrain. The ZTR steering system in combination with 4WD delivers exceptional driving and manoeuvring properties. Remote control keeps you in a safe distance further reducing your exposure to noise, dust and vibration while you keep an eye on the surrounding environment. Not only can the TORPEDO tractor / carrier be fitted with various exchangeable mower decks, it can also be equipped with different power cartridges – fully electric or plug-in hybrid (POWERSWAP system).



3 Types of Wheels / Tyres

To ensure optimal traction and performance, it offers compatibility with a range of wheels and tires:

TURF TIRES: Ideal for sports fields, golf courses, and similar fine applications, providing excellent traction without compromising the surface.

ALL-TERRAIN TIRES: Versatile enough to suit almost any application, these tires are well-suited for flat areas with regularly maintained lawns as well as steep slopes with limited traction.

Special FLEXI-SPIKE Wheels: Designed for extreme slopes or locations with severely compromised traction, these wheels provide enhanced stability.

All these wheel options are fully compatible with RAYMO Torpedo tool carriers, ensuring a seamless integration for varied mowing requirements.

Work Lights

LED work lights enable you to work at dusk or dawn or whenever the natural light isn’t strong enough. Maximize you work time and safety in spring and autumn when the days are short!

3 Types of Chargers

Modularity stands as a pivotal feature for RAYMO, extending beyond just the cutting decks and power packs to encompass the chargers as well. Currently, three charger options are available:

BASIC 15A Overnight Charger:  This option provides a steady charge overnight, ensuring convenience and reliability.

SMART 25A Charger: Incorporating intelligent features, this charger not only delivers efficient charging in 6 hours but also introduces smart functions and programs for enhanced usability.

SMART 50A Dual Charger: This advanced charger boasts the capability to achieve a full charge in an impressive 3 hours. It also includes a range of intelligent functions and programs to optimize the charging process.

Notably, all these chargers are designed to operate with standard wall power, eliminating the need for any additional electric installations. This underscores RAYMO's commitment to user-friendly, adaptable solutions.

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